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Packaging management

  • Individual creatable tags for all finished reported packing units are printed immediately at the production line.
  • Hints, supported by pictures, classify the packaging instruction in detail. The user of our delivered products can keep his working techniques; annoying re-adaptations are cancelled.
  • Professional pallet stations prepare the pallets for a safe transport and the product is protected against wetness and pollutions.

Product safety

Product safety is guaranteed by a close-nit net.: 

Re-tracking / charge management

1. EDP-technical charge registration to each delivery of raw materia
2. EDP-technical response of roll- and bag-parcels directly in the production creates a linking to the used
3. continuous tracking of articles

=> from the use to the source 
=> from the source to the use

Management of the process parameters

  • Registration, analysis and reuse of all decisive parameters of procedure via a integrated process parameter tool
  • Determination of the best possible process parameters

=> high reproducibility / steady quality

Management of raw material and recipe

  • All used raw materials had been submitted to a defined approval procedure for raw material and checked on law conformity.
  • the structured and meticulous maintained management of recipe supports the product safety decisively

Quality assurance

  • The assurance of our quality standard takes place by the observance of the standards of the DIN (German Industrial Standards) ISO 9001:2008.
  • Instructions for working, procedure and packing support our trained personnel and minimizes sources of error.
  • The access to the central data base, also at all working places in the production, guarantees a uniform flow of information.

Risk minimizing

By the active HACCP-concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Controlling Points) a classical risk analysis with regard to the danger potential of our products takes place. The assessment of each single process step concerning risks, consequence and probability gives us the possibility of prevention.
Extract from the risk analysis

Hygiene management

  • The company is BRC certified according to the global standard for packaging and packaging materials.
  • The standards of the overall German Synthetic association e.V. (registered association) serve as guideline for our hygiene management and are already successfully implemented since years
  • Glass- and hard-plastic cadastre records minimize the risk of foreign body contaminations
  • Regular hygiene rounds by professional trained persons stabilize and improve our hygiene level constantly.

Safety in supply

Safety in supply

The central software of the company includes a polished up planning board. This planning board enables us to read off the level of the orders always from a current overview.
Gaps are recognizable immediately. Shifts are possible in agreement with the customers, without affection to other dates of delivery. Contact us, we will do our best to meet your desires of dates of delivery.

Extract from the planning board


  • At the development of your products the use of alternative raw materials is always tested.
  • Dependence from suppliers / manufacturers of raw material is avoided.
  • The working plan plans, as far as it is possible, an alternative production plant. With it we can compensate times off by unexpected breakdown of machinery and/or standby times at parts supply.

Reserve capacity

Short-term extensions of resources are possible by knowing kept reserves.